Sergej Dergatsjev - About Web developer today

Welcome to our website, a comprehensive collection of notes on web development for both client and server-side applications. In addition to web development, we occasionally publish notes on topics such as digital marketing and video creation. This platform serves as a versatile notebook for students and developers, encompassing a wide range of subjects within common themes. It allows users to jot down methods and techniques for future reference.

While we extensively utilize various Google technologies, it is important to note that we are not affiliated with Google as official engineers. Instead, we operate as an independent Web App Development Company. Our products internally incorporate numerous Google technologies and seamlessly integrate with Google Workspace and Cloud, providing holistic business solutions. Although we possess a vendor profile and are registered by Google, we are not directly associated with the company.

Please be aware that Sergej Dergatsjev is the official owner of this group of companies.

For more information please contact:

BE: +32 499 41 46 24
Belgium: Drukpersstraat 4, 1000 Brussel

VAT: BE0552775383