Sergej Dergatsjev - About Web developer today

This site is a note collection about web development on client and server.  Sometimes we will publish notes on related topics Digital marketing and video creation. It's just a notebook that the students and developers use for many different subjects on common topics or to jot down the method for later. We use a lot of Google technology but We are not official Google Engineers, we work on an independent basis in Web App Development Company.  We use many Google technologies internally for our products and integrate with Google workspace and cloud for complete business solution.  We  have  vendor profile and registered by Google but we are not part of it.

Sergej Dergatsjev - Is the official owner of this group of companies.

For more information please contact:

BE: +32 499 41 46 24
Belgium: Franklin Rooseveltplaats 12, 2060 Antwerp
VAT: BE0552775383

BG: +359 893 89 23 59
Bulgaria: ul. "Tsar Asen I" 25 8000 g.k. Vazrazhdane, Burgas
VAT: BG205912716