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Install Adobe XD Material Design

Go to resources Download Design Kit Open the file Publish file to lib View lib in new file So now you can create artboard and us Material Design Kit

Google Ads are disabled on old website?

  Ads are disabled on one or more of your sites - no ads are serving on one or more of your sites because of policy violations. Please investigate the reasons for this in the Policy Centre. Google starts blocking outdated sites that don't have cookie consent. Here is the method to fix it easily.  Google ads have their own consistency mechanism. It doesn't always work with other authentication systems, etc., but it does in most cases. Select Ads > Overview > Site Edit >  Tab more features Activate.  Then ask for validation and activation back via form.  If you have AMP pages you can use default concern  Problems with old Django  We have a problem with your GDPR ready new feature.   The only solution is to upgrade to a higher version of Django. I installed it and caused problems on our website with authentication mechanisms and with all forms in general. Namely: Even if all cookies are allowed, we have different cases.. Users can not login without any error message. No e

Connect to IP address port 22: Connection refused

In my case it was a daemon that not running. If your server ping: ping XXX.XXX.XXX PING XXX.XXX.XXX 56(84) bytes of data. 64 bytes from icmp_seq=1 ttl=58 time=0.655 ms But the Connect to IP address port 22: Connection refused The ssh daemon is not running The host is blocking the target port with its software firewall Some intermediate network device is blocking or filtering the target port The ssh daemon is listening on a non standard port A TCP wrapper is configured and is filtering out your source host In my case it was a daemon that not running. in order to check the issue from your side, we have connected a KVM console to your server. More information on the KVM console can be found on KVM documentation. Waiting about 1 hour and 15 minutes and the server came back by itself. So the connection will work again. Don’t forget to remove the key from the rescue connection. Please contact your system administrator. Add the correct host key in /root/.ssh/known_hosts to get r

Unsubscribe automation cyclus from Sendgrid, MailChimp Spam, Bounce, and blocked messages

It is often necessary in current projects that your mailbox is as empty as possible and people who ask to unsubscribe are helped. Normal method of unsubscribing is just via a form on your website, but usually people work in different ways. They throw message in spam folder and then loopback notification comes to you via Mail provider via Abuse report or via log file at SendGrid or MailChimp. Or people simply forward or reply to a message with a question to delete all data, that can become a very method of managing a mailbox where many automatic notifications are sent. We'll cover standard ways we use to keep feedback loop cleaner in this post. This document is based on internal documentation and has been made a bit generic so that it can be used in various other cases. Original document can be found in documents cloud with name: Unsubscribe cyclus from Sendgrid, MailChimp Spam and bounce First method Exporting Gmail emails First source of requests that is the mailbox itself where p

Flutter Getting Started - Online Solutions Group BVBA - Web App Development EOOD

This video assumes that you are familiar with the development of native mobile platforms, such as iOS using Swift or Android using Kotlin... But you don’t need to be an expert anyway. These videos will show you how to build a Flutter application from scratch, so if you are a brand new person, you will catch up well. What is Flutter? Simply put, Flutter is a application development kit created by Google for building cross-platform apps. Flutter applications consist a different packages, plugins, and widgets-but that's not all. Flutter is a process, a philosophy, and a community. Flutter is awesome. You can build a high-performance, high-quality application that looks great very quickly. This video will show you how to do it. Flutter is suitable for novice or experienced developers who want to launch mobile applications with minimal overhead. Flutter is suitable for those who want to make apps that can run on multiple devices now or in the future. Great things about Flutter Flutter

Flutter provider ChangeNotifier, Flutter state management

Hi, thank you for joining me.  I name is  Sergio, and today we will introduce you to state management in Flutter. Use a small code base to create design patterns for scalable applications. I use the official example in the Flutter documentation. Now that you understand declarative UI programming and the difference between temporary state and application state, you are ready to learn simple application state management. The provider package is easy to understand and does not use much code. It also uses concepts that apply to all other methods. To illustrate, consider the following simple application. The application has two independent screens: catalog and shopping cart. It may be a job posting application, but you can imagine the same structure in a simple social network application or directory. The catalog screen includes a custom application bar and a scroll view of many list items. This is an application visualized as a tree of widgets. So we have at least 5 subclasses of Widget. M

Remove git from folder

How do you remove the version tracking from your project cloned from git? rm -rf .git should suffice.  That will remove away all Git-related information. Then you can create a clone from new project and copy.  git clone

Flutter Job site project review

Flutter Job site project review. We have ordered an application on a Freelance platform to see what quality will be delivered approximately for a cost of about 200 Euro. At first there was a problem finding a person a little higher than Junior. In most cases, such very simple ready-made templates only sell logo changes and make extra screens, but in general very simple applications. After about 1 day of checking people through chat I found one that could probably start a little custom project and finish it to a logical minimal product. This person first supplied Duplicate code with copy/pasted views. I asked him to adjust everything but that seems endless, this is unfeasible because almost everything has to be adjusted. From first time he even tried to convince me that HTML widget is not supported in web version of APP while that is just wrapper of javascript version which is so web first component should be. This programmer really has to work in extreme conditions. They are already u

Firebase collection backup script

 If you need save some separate collection on your computer or you want backup your data outside of Firebase and default options on Google bucket.  Working together firestore.client and tinyDb you can store your data on your computer or any other server. Google has a well-functioning system for import / export data, but in exceptional cases it needs extra copy, then you can execute it with such a script.         dbfile = "data/CategoryToLabelMapper.json"         cred = credentials.Certificate("firebase-adminsdk-m3mts-d27dbb2c96.json")         firebase_admin.initialize_app(cred)         db = firestore.client()         tiny = TinyDB(dbfile)         collection = db.collection('CategoryToLabelMapper')         docs =         for doc in docs:             dic = doc.to_dict()              tiny.insert({ dic})   So, your export file will be something like this.    For default solution please follow this documentation.  https://firebase.go