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Static site generation from keyword.txt file and publish it in Firebase

  From keywords.txt file we will generate templates to fill it with content.  vim keywords.txt Add one keyword per line..  For example,  Aanbieding Binnendeuren Aanbiedingen binnendeur python Then you will see generated templates. For example: input/02-aanbieding-binnendeuren.html input/03-aanbiedingen-binnendeur.html Fill generated templates with content.  Then  vim  and update from .. to counts..  This will read file names from the filesystem and generate a sitemap in the current input directory.  input/sitemap02-10.html Then run python include script to make AMP pages from templates.  Python  Then publish all these generated files.  firebase deploy And add it in the Git directory so you can follow changes. 

Firebase install CLI Mac

 You can install the Firebase CLI using a method that matches  your  Mac operating system, experience level, and/or use case. No matter how you install the CLI, you can access the same features and firebase commands.  So this is the command to install it. curl -sL | bash    

Python3 on Mac

First install development tools then you can do the following   sudo python3 -m pip install --upgrade pip  or somthing what you need in python3 sudo python3 -m pip install slugify