Live streaming from video camera to laptop OBS Facebook, Youtube, Twitch, RTMP server

I did a live stream a few days ago. I would save and share configuration because it was not immediately obvious how to do it..

Config camera for streaming it will be in Menu something like REC SET and choose AVCHD 1080 / 50i or XAVC S HD but or XAVC S 4K if your network connection can stream it. In my case AVCHD compression was the best choice.

First step is getting video input to computer for that you need HDMI cable and a CAM Link

This link is very good because all possible cameras will fit in this setup. HDMI is very useful.

Next thing we need OBS it will convert and optimize streams for channels. Install it on your computer and configure it like in the screenshot below.

Facebook stream get it from your page or account

Pay attention! You can use the browser and then choose a cam link there but you can't configure speed and resolution of the stream and can get problems with bandwidth.

Maybe that is a good choice to stream webcam but not successful if you want to stream a good image from camera.

Better if you will use a wire for network connection because wifi for stream is still too slow.


Mulistream @FeyginLive  @Alexey Arestovych

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