Other storage on your Macintosh HD


If you look at your Mac's storage capacity, part of it will consist of an "Other" bar. At first glance, you can't tell what exactly these files are, which also makes it very difficult to delete them. The 'Other' storage bar can consist of several things. Documents, plug-ins and the cache are stored here. These files are important to keep your Mac running smoothly, but if you're not careful this part can fill up quickly. Especially if you have a MacBook with limited storage capacity, it may sometimes be necessary to slim down the amount with 'Other' storage. To do this you will first need to find the Other category.

Here's how you can see how much space is taken up by other storage:

Click the Apple logo at the top left of your Mac screen.

Choose About This Mac > Storage.

You will now see how your Mac storage is composed, including 'Others'


It may take a while before the information is visible. Now that you know how much space the other files are taking up, it may be time to do something about it. Keep in mind that your Mac does not store these files for nothing. So think carefully about which files you delete. For example, you can clear the cache data of old apps that you no longer use, but you should be more careful with temporary files used by running software.

In my case it is Adobe using my space. Photoshop and Premiere and After effects. 

 If you have not found everything and need to search more then it is better to use an external program for it.



Next if you need more details.  NCDU is the beste.

brew install ncdu