Setup Firebase Hosting and custom domain


First step: Create a new project in your account..

In command line

firebase init

Follow the steps in Wizard and choose the project that you want to use.

If you get some errors like

Error: It looks like you haven't used Cloud Firestore in this project before. Go to to create your Cloud Firestore database.

% firebase init


Error: Your project vacaturemailscom must be on the Blaze (pay-as-you-go) plan to complete this command. Required API can't be enabled until the upgrade is complete. To upgrade, visit the following URL

You can fix this problem by using the firebase admin panel.

When Firebase initialization completes.

You can use command

firebase deploy

So, now after first deploy you can add custom domain

Add TXT records in your DNS so hosting can verify your ownership.

If you get this error message.

If you receive this message then you have to wait for DNS renewal for maybe 30 minutes or more.

Or check the host name sometimes you have to use @ in the hostname field of something like that.

Next step AAA records in your DNS

As the last step add WWW. redirect..