Google Ads are disabled on old website?

Ads are disabled on one or more of your sites - no ads are serving on one or more of your sites because of policy violations. Please investigate the reasons for this in the Policy Centre.

Google starts blocking outdated sites that don't have cookie consent.

Here is the method to fix it easily. Google ads have their own consistency mechanism. It doesn't always work with other authentication systems, etc., but it does in most cases.

Select Ads > Overview > Site Edit >

Tab more features


Then ask for validation and activation back via form.

If you have AMP pages you can use default concern

Problems with old Django

We have a problem with your GDPR ready new feature.

The only solution is to upgrade to a higher version of Django.

I installed it and caused problems on our website with authentication mechanisms and with all forms in general.

Namely: Even if all cookies are allowed, we have different cases..

Users can not login without any error message. No error messages just redirect blank information.

Users can not login with CSRF verification error

And Users can not send forms.

We use a reasonably popular framework Django. And tried in different ways. We really get hundreds of complaints a day via telephone and messengers. It does work in some casual cases, however, but very rarely.

Here are debug details.

That must have caused your script because I tested it.

Without Google GDPR new feature script everything works perfectly.

I tried to solve it on my own but it didn't work.

The only solution is to upgrade to a higher version of Django.

If you need ads on amp landing pages
You can use this documentation about it.

In my case i use Adsense.

<script async custom-element="amp-auto-ads" src=""></script>
<amp-auto-ads type="adsense" data-ad-client="ca-pub-5439573510495356"> </amp-auto-ads>

AMP pages without Cookies, Javascript, Analytics or Ads why do these pages have to be GDPR consent message?

We don't use Google ads on the home page (index.html), we are using AMP pages without ads or cookies. We don't use cookies on these home pages.. Why should we ask consent on the home page /index.html?

But when somebody searches we use ads /search.html and then we ask for this consent via Google.

There are no cookies or statistics on such index.html pages. So that we completely rule out these annoying, time consuming and crazy questions.

Cookies in our project are not per domain. We are now looking for a way to completely exclude cookies or change the law. Because it does more harm to people than benefit.

GDPR: Good or evil?

We are currently looking at how to combat such madness on the EU internet. We will try to downgrade this legislation.

We will collect further data on the following topics.

This law is still new. We see more harm than benefit in such regulations.

I won't go into details yet, but we don't need such regulations here in Europe. It's just that no one has been able to properly explain why such adaptations are harmful and organized by social engineers.

Some problems we see in the working of the law:

Time consuming: It costs more lives for European people than it can save. For example,

On average, an employee makes 60 extra clicks per day for cookie confirmations. That's 1 minute a day.

And about 365 minutes per year, and it is about 6 hours.

So if we count it for population

We have about 746.4 million residents in the EU. Not all of them use the internet but we ignore this fact.

746 x 6 = 4476 so 4 billion 476 hours per year clicks only to accept cookies.

But if we start to read what there is in this juridische docs? It will be X 10..

Now Human/Lifespan 79 years so 79 x 8760 = 692 040 hours.

So how many lives do these cookies confirm our population takes?

4 476 lives per year are just clicked in Europe! or X 10 if we are reading the GDPR consent messages.

I'm not counting the lives of the most precious IT staff involved in implementing such systems.That is a GDPR or cookie virus that is still difficult to calculate.

I could keep on calculating for hours, but that's not today's topic.

Thanks for reading but I hope you understand what I mean.

I think this regulation is very bad or at least its implementation, it is not professionally done by incompetent persons.

I'm working on my small kitchen but I'm collecting documents to push these things in the right direction.

I respect law but I do not participate in people killing or being done directly or indirectly. Human time for me is the most precious.

There is no money we can pay for 1 life. This cookie virus was developed by a malicious social engineer who would like to attack IT staff but in fact has attacked the entire EU.