Task for HTML editing in AMP templates


Hi, Thank you for joining us. My name is Sergio and today I will explain a simple task for students: HTML file editing for AMP templates.
We used Flutter to build our own small content management system for Firebase at this time.

But we have to test the first AMP pages generated from commands and let the author manually publish their content at this time. Usually, it will be done by the author himself through the content management system in the future. But it is currently under construction. So we want to manually start and generate AMP/HTML and the author only writes tekst in the documentation file.

We have already created some pages for a website and now we want to extend this site for more pages. See example of this site.


That is how it works
You will receive a zip file from us. All generated templates for input will be there.

You will also get zip files with docs from writers so you can convert this text to HTML and put it in template files with text / HTML editor.

You have to take texts that are already written, convert them via online editor into HTML and paste them into template with text editor.

Steps overview
Open doc file in folder in text editor.
Copy text document file
Past it in HTML online editor
Format text with heading and bold
Switch tab copy HTML
Find template file with exact the same name as doc file
Past HTML in that file and save.
When you're ready, move the doc file in the subfolder “done”. So you can see which docs are already done.

Open doc file in folder in text editor

Copy text document file

Past text in HTML online editor


Format text with heading and bold

Remove all doc text. Remove any unnecessary formatting so that it starts from Zero.

Use heading 3 for all heads so that all texts remain consistent.

So this list of files you have to update and replace the comment tag <!-- Paste HTML here //→

With formatted HTML and text from documents.. Open template file from folder template with Sublime text editor.

Paste the content from the web HTML editor and save..

You can use every text editor you want or Download sublime from here if not installed. https://www.sublimetext.com/

This content in Dutch but it looks like English and readable. You don't have to change anything in text so it's easy and doable even if you don't know the language.

In total we have about 350 artikels which we should publish. I publish 50, sometimes 100 a day. I don't know if you are good with computers and texts. If you want I'll give you the first 50.

This is how you save documents with correct HTML and this is how you put all the files in the folder. When you're ready, move the doc file in the subfolder “done”