CMS that you can integrate with different technologies

In my opinion the best CMS for my projects is my own django project with different data types.. So that we can generate content from this central place and push it to where I need it. To blogs, or to Firebase etc…

But we need an API and I can organize it with .

Or even own views that will just print data with requests.. That we need.

I have to think about pull or push for data publishing. One CMS per site and reusable apps for integrations or one centraal  DB? For example app print static pages, from command in filesystem, push data to firebase, publish data in blogger...

Links CMS and ORM


This one is a pretty good CMS by the looks of it and apparently it integrates with different technologies. Price is weird not clear what impact it will have on a project. I can try 1 to see.. But so far Django has filled all the needs. Probably not comparable to such obsolete ones as Wordpress or Drupal.
But comparing with Django makes no sense..

Interesting combinations of frameworks in different projects.. That is actually vue.js and we can then integrate it with CMS and tailwind CSS..
So that's what we need?

This guy describes how we can integrate certain things.

We need these.
I think that will work better than what I'm using.
This one has django integration.

With it API

Images and CV in DOC, PDF and other formats. Firebase application mechanic..
Maybe I can use this CMS, UI for Firebase? And publishing it under subdomain.. works with postgres and mysql


And of course various side projects such as With their templates for 150 Euro.. :-)  



Another interesting example that looks good and can save time. Should I compare it with django because it could solve various problems and if it integrates with other technologies we use.

Keep your database in sync with schema thanks to migrations.Looks interesting for small projects I must try PlanetScale Can be used with django and keystonejs via So you can have 2 backends if somting wrong with keysnotejs. You can swith then back to your stable django and python.