Automate anything on web

Today you can no longer do without social media accounts but maintaining this plague takes so much time and effort and yet you can automate many common things with Webdriver.

I have a luxury problem that I would send virtual card to all my friends / bussines relations.
But mailbox has more than 30,000 contacts and social media number not even half of these. It is not possible by e-mail because you have to connect a sendgrid of such and that you have a chance of negative effect by sending emails in bulk. Other option, private messages are sent through Social media. Dan looks very personal, and you get a lot of "thank you" and New Years wishes. You can filter people in this way if they do not accept an invitation and do not link via Social media then communication is unwanted. You can request people to connect via social media first and send message via infrastructure of Social media.

For example, you can go up to 30,000 connections via Linkedin, these connections are also via messenger. Instagram also has to follow and communicate with each other. Facebook is of course a bit outdated and such automation is totally impossible if you want to get a lot of chance of blocking You can also use whatsapp but not clear how much can you send that way and whatsapp is something a bit personal anyway.. You can of course use one of these create a group but it is very limited to 256 participants. So you can only use Messenger 5,000 closest contacts to or through ad that goes to your contact list targeting settings. If you have page followers then you can no longer reach them at all and such pages no longer make sense only to advertise, they have no reactions at all. It doesn't matter what you post on the page people won't see it and updates are prohibited. Another interesting tool is a Telegram messenger but it is not popular in Europe. There we let LinkedIn automate.

Most scripts can be found in my own repositories. Note these are not in Online Solutions Group projects but in sergejdergatsjev personal projects so ask access to it and linkedin_automation.git is the repository.

Download chrome driver right now that is. 


pip3 install selenium

Note in Mac you will get security warning. You can fix this problem by opening the application 1 time with Ctrl + click and then your Mac will remember that it has already been run.

On this day. sergio_inviter works and we have several apps like group inviter and such.. With which we can build groups and just maintain connections or send bulk messages so that your work network really becomes your network that you can use effectively with less restrictions than other media.

I've made  a few scripts to automate processes on Linkedin, Facebook and Instagram but I use them personally and that is complicated to spread because different people  have the different goals.

If you work for us or you are a trusted person, So i  will be sure of proper use then please get in touch and will share. They really save time and do what they need to do.


For Whatsapp you can try

or you can automate it by yourself with webdriver.  All applications have web version whatsapp / Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram too.