TailwindUI Alpine Js or Vuejs. or jquery

All these JavaScript frameworks like Vuejs are very interesting for applications but not for info pages.


If you want to get the 100% for your page in PageSpeed then you should avoid Vue and similar javascript frameworks.

100% Give pages without javascript or with AMP javascript or a very small Alpine Js...

The only drawback of Alpine Js that I have noticed so far is that it is not so easy to do validation and send requests to the server to save data. The rest really went well. But it could be that I have little experience with it and haven't found the right method yet.

Here is an Example of pages I have made using Tailwind and Alpine Js. I have left forms with Jquery because it was already written. On forms I have no traffic from Google because only informative pages score well. So on forms I can use any javascript lib that I want. Of course with common sense consideration of speed for a user.

Example TailwindUI Alpine Js


So now we will measure, what are the reactions of users to the new layout.