review and comment about trustpilot posts

It was a good idea to send reminders by email. We almost missed and forgot to order books. Thank you very much for this reminder. It is very convenient. Handy that one cannot order the same books a second time that will give a lot of value and that is actually the most important functionality. In general I think the web site is good and everything runs smoothly.

Number of comments for improvement

In Email I would put a reminder at least that username is not equal to email in your account. Because you have to find out with which username you can log in and which email. Because email arrives at email from a parent but is registered with email from a child. I have to reset the password and which email is not clear.

Many people will click the green button from links. That caused "bad buy" and that's why you have so many negative reviews on trustpilot.

Wizard works well but is a bit overloaded. That is, the architecture of system is out of order.

Last page not working. 

Yes, on trustpilot full of problems and accounts that have not been claimed by the company. But all the problems are caused by bad GUI which mislead many users.