Problem with static keywords, SEO fixes for keyword labels
This page is no longer updated but is in Google..

Some keywords do well. Example:

So does that work correctly? What percentage difference between Good and Bad pages approximately? 20% In Google there are many such sorts :-(. Those are the pages that represent keywords but have no search results at the moment and are not that popular and rarely have vacancies.. Normally ignore but there are so many indexed in Google as if he love these pages more than the others.

With keywords
Will see directly with titles ..

 Still many keywords that still have to be done once a month so that the index contains recent content. And clicks come to StepStone. So we need to make about 1 command for keywords or find it will generate all keywords 1 per month only with ads..

Where are these keywords generated now?
Via crontab once a day.


 python gen_static_pages --model=statickeyword

on command

vim job/management/commands/

We select number of sources.

STATIC_KEYWORD_SOURCE = ["Manually", "Performance_2019-01-11", "VindazoMySearch", "jobtitle", "vdab", "indeed", "internal.query"]

Then this script browses everything but only generates if count is higher than 0
if data['count'] != 0:
                print slugify(
                data['next'] = False
                if data['count'] > 10:
                    data['next'] = True

So we need to modify this command so that it can generate other pages..
But that is an exception and must be done once a month. How many keywords do we have in total?

 python gen_static_pages --model=statickeyword

We have a total of 79138..

How many are done daily and have more than 1 vacancy in count..

(Pdb) keywords = keywords.filter(count__gt=0)
(pdb) keywords.count()

And then


So we can remove this condition because almost all keywords can be generated daily. Because there is almost no difference in total number. Or remove keywords without content.

So we will be generating everything every day for now. Now test run this modification command in a screen and after it's done I have to check if all files in Google index are actually modified.