FlutterFlow Templates Simple Review

To build this app I will first try all Templates in No code online IDE FlutterFlow. You can bootstrap your project form template and see quickly functional and configurations in action.
SniffSocial template in FlutterFlow

So, yesterday in two hours we installed the template with the Social Media app on FlutterFlow. It looks good. Not everything works but I can say that it is customizable and such a starter itself could take 1 month to develop. Works on other devices not tested.

See video with information about correct project setup.



After creating and deploying the app in firebase still had to enable auth in firebase and regenerate files.

RobinJobs template

Installed second application and I see it could be used for my business. Second install was much faster in less than 1 hour. Same issues as with the previous app. Listed number of common errors.

Looks interesting like a job board application. Curve of course everything.. But you can add a little bit and in principle you can use it. In any case, is very good example.

Apply button not found and messages could not test..But Looks pretty good.


Next install.. This application also looks good. Only some problems after building a web browser with profiles and can't edit or delete your own houses..

But certainly a good starter for a home rent app.

Not a bad content editor found in flutterflow. So you have admin for your models and you can publish content as admin or edit then these changes appear in the app almost real time.

FF trivia

Totally not clear about what it is, could not test something.. App in build has stopped in 1 screen.

Only code.

Wedding app

Static content app of a company that do Weddings. This template could be used for any small firm app for growth marketing via Google / Facebook ads.


That is next an interesting content application but with different options for authentication.. Like Facebook, Google and Apple ID. I couldn't get this build to work.

Inside IDE looks interesting as well as a good example of authentication with Facebook and Google accounts if necessary. Usable as a content app with lists of custonarians and their artworks so could work with different communities.

If I understand correctly that this content is added by an admin and users can search and buy or agree or the like.


This application is very interesting. It is an aggregator like Hotels or Restaurants list and search engine based on service and recommendation platforms like Algolia. Surely a lot of configuration is required here but I think this one is worth it.


So in addition to aggregators, people can add their own location and description of the Basketball court. An additional interesting addition is that activation can be set via Mobile phone.

Chat template

That's just chat from people and teams. My friends etc..

Fleet Cars

Not clear what it is. GPS tracking and service and status of my car.. Looks good but pretty standard forms. The purpose of the app is not clear.

My card

Small financial application to track budget, income, expenses.


An application for a self-employed person to make appointments and with a small static department.

Todo app

Default hello world application. Easy Firebase integration.