How to fix Email account is over quota

The email account that you tried to reach is over quota. Please direct the recipient to

Complaint feedback problem in vindazo

Cleaning mechanism for compilation feedback in this mailbox not working anymore.

There is a separate mailbox that automatically handles all complaints. He determines what kind of complaint that is and takes a corresponding action for it. Now apparently Google has changed conditions for access to mailboxes and this mechanism has done that before. Can't access the mailbox anymore. The target of the day is to find a script where it is installed to test if it works manually. If it doesn't work, fix this problem. In any case, the mailbox needs to be cleaned. So deleting all email is the first step.

Acton plan


  • Login manually complaint_feedback
  • Remove all message
  • Find script 
  • Fix routing that removes old messages and unsubscribe complaints

Script seems to work fine only problem is that,

Some messages do not contain unsubscribe links because some providers only forward email and id of a complaint. Script is created in such a way that it moves messages that it cannot unwrite so that afterwards it becomes normal with another script via export from mailbox and reading in senders.

If you can't login via remote interface and there are too many messages in your mailbox and you get error messages like this.Then you can automate browser and delete them per 50.

More information and different working methods can be found here.