Rewrite text automatically essay / smodin online

Imagine you have to rewrite 1000 pages per month? How would you handle it?

Ask a number of people to rewrite it approximately per day. But we have automation for this. A small application took us a few days, but it works impressively simple.

Django model: StaticPage has a number of fields and admin.
The power of this app is commands that use two API. 1 from smodin and another from Copyscape..

So how does it work?

  • We crawl web site that we need to rewrite and make unique. ( custom crawler via requests or webdriver )
  • Then we start a command that will rewrite texts via API of smodin.
  • When done. Check these texts via copyscape.
  • Then you get about 1 out of 3 already unique text.
  • The rest needs a person to adjust a little. Through our GUI.

See screenshots here of the manual method in our GUI.

1. Filter not valid pages from menu.


2. Click on button rewrite

3. Rewrite text snipets

3. Uncheck the box and save artikel.

4. Test it copyscape with one click..