Do Google Ads Affect Website SEO?

I have noticed a strange phenomenon. Normally working websites if you provide Google ads (Adsense) then fly out of Google search results. Is that possible?

This blog is not so important to me and business. I created it to publish my notes and job students notes to make it easy to search. Documents that are not that important but still should be kept somewhere.

This website is of course handmade content and was included in Google results fairly quickly. Then I thought about testing Adsense ads to monetize content a bit. I was curious how much one can earn with such a small blog. Grew fairly quickly and then suddenly I came to the webmaster panel…. Oh, he got kicked out of search results.

I thought that it was a really useful site, nothing special to see. No link building, nothing special done, all pages in index, no manual actions but site gets no views anyway.

Very strange :-( the only last adjustment is adding Google ads..

Now the question, would Adsense help the site drop in search results?

I see that phenomenon often, People never put on important landing pages ads..

So webdeveloper never put ads on landing pages?!!?

Yet another cause of this reduction and bullying, That many Dutch sites link to this English blog and correction is due to location. So now he should be shown more to NL public that searching in English. And that is of course the exception and few people effectively search for English terms in the NL segment.