Simple vue-flow-form creation with firebase backend Vuejs Plain Javascript in SDN and npm example

I need a test so that I can make sure I can create a vue-flow-form connected to firebase and saved cars show up in admin as always.. Because admin I won't be rebuilding at the moment. That seems like a simple solution that will take little time and we will extend it further to the latter. Flutter app will take much more time and we will do it as next step. Now I need to have a working variant as soon as possible so that I already have something under the old domain. Can receive requests and further build content and have it indexed. My old system is good enough to continue working for another year or two while I'm busy with other things.

Action plan

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  • Create a form in Glitch Plain Javascript in SDN
  • Connect form to firebase if possible but I think so.. So that correct data is added. So actually finishing in javascript without a logo and bells and whistles.
  • Create project with npm and build it with templates for production

Application created for this test. 

If you need beter integration Vuejs with firebase.

NPM version

When your prototype application is ready, you can prepare your app for production. 
Go in www / public directory of your firebase project and start a vue project there then add your follow form depance.
sudo npm install -g @vue/cli 
vue create auto-verkopen-form


cd auto-verkopen-form
To add Vue Flow Form as a dependency to your Vue project, use the following:

npm install @ditdot-dev/vue-flow-form --save
vim src/App.vue
and now you can move your code to App.vue file
npm run build

Or  sometimes you could get some errors. So, you have to fix it. 
Building for production...

 ERROR  Failed to compile with 1 error                                                                                                                         18:39:40

  11:11  error  Component name "Form example" should always be multi-word  vue/multi-word-component-names

✖ 1 problem (1 error, 0 warnings)

You may use special comments to disable some warnings.
Use // eslint-disable-next-line to ignore the next line.
Use /* eslint-disable */ to ignore all warnings in a file.
 ERROR  Error: Build failed with errors.
So, so it continues to expand further and further. More and more madness.. Like build automation if you want to change something and then people don't see how many actually fields in form. That can also put off the fact that you're in a maybe huge form.
It looks interesting but I won't be putting it into production. I will use tailwindUI tempalte for contact form if I used it before and put it much clearer on 1 page so I can link from anywhere.
Interesting app but in my opinion Vue.js is too complicated for 1 form. I doubt that this technology will actually improve conversion. My time will certainly eat up because I have already lost quite a few hours studying it. 
All these build systems that is really overkill for a form of 3 fields.