Time out publishing large site into Firebase Hosting and how to deploy


When you deploying a large static site. It  maybe contains around 7100 pages and images with a total size of near of 2GB.

Then you can get a error. 

failed: retries exhausted after 6 attempts, with error: Timeout reached making request

Solution is 



export [variable_name]=[variable_value]

echo $[variable name]



If you are using your local machine, you can set an environment variable to change the concurrency of the hosted upload process. FIREBASE_HOSTING_UPLOAD_CONCURRENCY can be set to any number (e.g. 100) and split the files into groups of that size to send to releases (populate the files in the log).

It is also recommended to limit the number of publications. For large sites, you can keep the number of publications below 10 -- maybe even 5 -- to (a) save a very small storage cost, and (b) speed up the process of pushing files to new versions.

Now it doesn't work anymore even 3 doesn't work and we only have 5k files.

cd .firebase/

sergejdergatsjev@MacBook-Pro-van-Sergej .firebase % ls


sergejdergatsjev@MacBook-Pro-van-Sergej .firebase % rm hosting.d3d3.cache 

This one didn't help either.


Only when i changed it to 1 then it working fine.. 

So, try to update your bash 

vim ~/.bash-profile

For only one connection