Run FlutterFolio :-/

 flutter run -d Chrome

Git error. Command: `git clone --mirror git:// /Users/sergejdergatsjev/Documents/flutter/flutter/.pub-cache/git/cache/auto_size_text-ee02f76d882179635fdb79a3e4ed36d6513147b7`
stderr: Cloning into bare repository '/Users/sergejdergatsjev/Documents/flutter/flutter/.pub-cache/git/cache/auto_size_text-ee02f76d882179635fdb79a3e4ed36d6513147b7'...
fatal: unable to connect to[0:]: errno=Operation timed out

exit code: 128

grep -r "git://" .

 flutterfolio folder

remove from  pubspec.lock



 You can checkout this manualy. 

The current Dart SDK version is 2.18.6.

    Because freezed >=0.14.1+3 <0.14.3 depends on analyzer ^1.5.0 and freezed >=0.14.1+1 <0.14.1+3 depends on analyzer ^1.0.0, freezed >=0.14.1+1 <0.14.3 requires analyzer ^1.0.0.
(1) So, because freezed >=0.14.0-nullsafety.1 <0.14.1+1 depends on analyzer >=0.41.0 <2.0.0 and test >=1.21.0 <1.21.6 depends on analyzer >=2.0.0 <5.0.0, freezed >=0.14.0-nullsafety.1 <0.14.3 is incompatible with test >=1.21.0 <1.21.6.

If not working, leave it that way..

Just try to understand code there and also organize your code so that it uses roughly the same way of communication and architecture.

Here it is important that we try to keep GUI, services and models separate.