Related jobs redirect

 The feed was over-fresh on purpose and the same job postings were in the XML, just with a minor tweak to their unique IDs. As a result, our archives became massively depleted.

Comparison with other providers.

In fact, this way of working ensures that vacancies expire every day and people see closed jobs via notifications.

This method does not benefit search engines and misleads users. They don't see applications and job descriptions. The page has a message that the job has been closed, see the image with a suggestion that contains the exact same job. very weird. I would now automatically set a redirect to the relevant job, but it would be better if the client XXXX stops refreshing and always changes the ID of the job, which doesn't help. Because if someone has already signed up or decided not to sign up, it makes no sense to send them again this notification.

There are about 20,000 vacancies that are like new. Almost all from one or two big employers. I would fix it from my side but it's have to be fixed from client always pretends their vacancies are new. If we explain to clients that their actions often have the opposite effect? Google won't like it either, and in the long run they'll flag it and penalize it. 

So, quick fix update templates to show relevant jobs..


vim job/templates/job/viewjob.amp.html

{% if relevant_jobs %}

<p class="p2">&nbsp;</p>


window.location.href="{% url 'amp_redirect' %}?j={{ relevant_jobs.0.job_id }}{% if what %}&q={{ what }}{% endif %}{% if where %}&l={{ where }}{% endif %}{% if company %}&company={{ company.company_name }}{% endif %}&change=True"


{% endif %}

{% if relevant_jobs %}

<div class="block pt3">

<amp-carousel height="150" layout="fixed-height" type="slides">

{% for ad in relevant_jobs|slice:":3"%}

{% include "permanentjob/apply.amp.html" with ad=ad %}

{% endfor %}



{% endif %}