Rewrite SEO titles ChatGPT, Smodin Or Google?

We are now having an issue with some titles. If we search with full title then we will see page in search results from other sites.  Content is written 100% uniquely and checked through Copyscape, but we come across roughly the same idea.  So we definitely need to improve it so that no similar or identical title can be found in Google.

See examples of current selection here.

The title is better if important "keywords" are more prominent because Google will calculate it more relevant


Original title = Private lease: advantages and disadvantages

Rewriting title = Private lease: An overview of the advantages and disadvantages of leasing a car for private use

If we just rewrite

Then we get a better title but it can still be found and looks about the same.

So I now have to reformulate quite a few titles. How do we do that? With chatGPT? No, he's not doing very well either. See screenshot further.

What is solution then? Rewrite yourself..

The method Take a keyword / search keywords in ahrefs

Search Google to find a compound keyword with a keyword chosen as the core. In this case that is a “car insurance”

It is important that this keyword is at the very beginning of the title. Then add some clarification words. For example “car insurance after sale car” See that content of search results fits well in context. If so then you can try something like this..

Sometimes you do get a decent result when you click regenerate from chat.

I think you can continue with it because we have to adjust the same titles. Try rewriting via ChatGpt if I have it shown in this file.

Or via Google and Ahref I find it easier myself via Ahref you can also see what the search volume is and the number of possibilities of a keyword are suggested.

If I continue with ChatGPT then I see more and more decent examples. So via API you could automate it?

I just need to prepare number of rows for copy/paste for now.

Then he does better rewriting and in some cases it is not too bad if we put two answers in the title field.

Yes, this method seems to be good.

Sometimes you can just shorten title to only important keywords and that's fine too..

But make sure important keywords would be at the very beginning of title anyway.