Next objects in Django by created using the get_next_by_

You can retrieve the next objects in Django by ID using the get_next_by_

from myapp.models import MyModel

# get the current object

current_obj = MyModel.objects.get(id=current_id)

# get the next object by ID

next_obj = current_obj.get_next_by_created()

# get the second next object by ID

second_next_obj = next_obj.get_next_by_created()

To retrieve the previous objects in Django by ID, you can use the get_previous_by

Example in static generator

vim page/management/commands/

vim /home/sites/auto-verkopen-belgie/www/templates/blog.html

python3 gen_blog

cp -r ../www/nl/info/auto-export/ ../www/assets/