Implementing a customized analytics system offers several benefits

Implementing a customized analytics system offers several benefits, including:

1. Accurate data analysis: A customized analytics system provides accurate data analysis, enabling enterprises to make informed decisions based on real-time data.

2. Improved HR processes: A customized analytics system can help optimize HR processes, such as recruitment and performance management, leading to a more productive work environment.

3. Higher-converting pages: A customized analytics system can help enterprises build higher-converting pages, ultimately leading to improved business performance.

4. Data security: A customized analytics system offers enhanced data security, ensuring that sensitive information is protected.

5. Competitive advantage: Enterprises that implement a customized analytics system gain a competitive advantage by having access to accurate data analysis and optimized processes.

Simply put, we require our own analytics tool to measure traffic on our websites and to expand an ads network. All other partners like Google Analytics or Adobe have limitations and do not measure our traffic and user count accurately, resulting in significant loss of revenue and inability to integrate our statistics effectively.

While I currently possess my own system, I am seeking external verification for our statistics system to enhance its accuracy. This will also serve as a testament to our collaboration with third parties, and be more equitable for publishers.

In addition, I am currently searching for a reliable partner to assist in developing an ad network. Currently, we are utilizing distinct systems for each site, but I aspire to create a centralized system due to the increasing number of sites.

One of the problems is the validation of traffic, distinguishing real users from bots.

IPQualityScore service test and analyse

I have tested the IPQualityScore service and based on my analysis, I have noticed a few discrepancies in the results. For instance, the service is showing incorrect results for subnet 109.88.203.* from VOO Internet service provider. However, I can confirm with certainty that this subnet is present on my site in countries such as NL, BE with a specific user ID. I have access to this user's profile in my database and can even reach out to them via phone or email if required. One specific example is

When I test these IP addresses in IPQualityScore's system, I notice incorrect results being displayed.

If you see further what it means

It appears that there is an issue with rDNS In most cases, the IP address is actually assigned to an Internet Service Provider that utilizes Google Global Cache technology. However, this system incorrectly identifies the IP address as a proxy, when it is actually a user request via their Internet provider that uses Cache technology.

To accurately identify such cases, we can leverage our system to store the user ID in their click information when the user is authenticated or receives a notification. This allows us to track who clicked on which job post and subsequently find their resume/profile to offer more relevant job recommendations. This mechanism also helps us authenticate and validate our traffic.

By checking this IP address via ICAN and RIPE, it is confirmed as belonging to an Internet service provider.

ISP caching operates similarly to browser caching. After visiting a website, your ISP may store its pages in its cache to facilitate faster loading times upon revisiting them.

How does this apply to our specific case?

Therefore, if we understand the meaning of caching in our situation, it can be explained as follows:

In my view, only the label "Confirmed Proxy Server from Hosting or Cloud" would be considered "invalid" since it typically indicates usage by crawlers or VPNs. However, this is not entirely accurate as a small percentage of users may intentionally use VPNs to conceal their real IP addresses from service providers or country regulators.

It is important to note that is not a crawler. To learn more about Google Cache DNS configuration, please refer to the following:

Google Global Cache (GGC) enables ISPs to deliver specific Google content from their own networks, which helps alleviate congestion within their networks and reduce traffic on their peering and transit links.

See docs,your%20peering%20and%20transit%20links

Furthermore, different services mentions the issue of crawlers. When I first entered the industry 15 years ago, concepts like XML and API were unheard of and we had to rely on our own web crawlers to gather job vacancies from major employers. This is actually how our search engine and advisory company came to fruition.

We take great care to thoroughly validate our traffic against bots and have developed specialized technology to accurately differentiate between normal users and bots, even when the latter attempt to conceal their presence. I cannot delve into the specifics of our methodology, as it is a complex process with numerous technical details and charts, but I can assure you that the IP address in question belongs to a normal user from a reputable subnet.

Given the substantial impact of this issue on our business model and marketing strategy, we require a solution that enables IP addresses from internet service providers to score better in system and ensures that statistics from content providers are displayed accurately.

We are compelled to develop our own system, and finding suitable partners for validation is not a straightforward task.

I believe that my post holds strategic significance for numerous companies. I think many enterprises require their own analytics systems to store and validate their traffic, enabling them to conduct strategic analyses based on accurate data and answer any questions that may arise. Moreover, I will provide a detailed explanation as to why businesses require customized systems.

Effective management strategies rely heavily on quality management techniques, primarily of a statistical nature, that can be utilized to progressively enhance the quality of services and business processes. All processes possess attributes that can be continually defined, measured, analyzed, improved, and ultimately brought under control.

We have been involved in the HR industry since 2007, and thus, we have a comprehensive understanding of how our system compares to that of our competitors. As developers of HR software, such as ATS systems and multiposters, we have access to statistics and can compare various job boards for different professions.

Since our inception, we have received abundant information from various sources, including complete data on the number of clicks per day and conversion rates from each source. While Adobe Analytics or Google Analytics offer some limited capabilities, in practice, I have observed competitors perform better with customized systems.

Unfortunately, we are not receiving reports from some of our clients, and as a result, there could be a significant discrepancy between our dashboards - as high as 10,000 clicks per month. While we do receive brief summaries, this abridged version is insufficient to account for the magnitude of the difference.

Statistics from our other customers present a different scenario. They utilize other external analytics services, and while not all of these services are exceptional, they still appear to be more effective than Adobe Analytics or Google Analytics. Looking at a sample report from one of our Belgian clients, we even have access to real-time information.

We can export the traffic data in XLS format for a specific client, adjust it to match their system, and send it back in that format. We can also indicate which clicks are valid or invalid, and provide the reason for the classification. Please refer to the XLS document for more details.

While this may not be necessary in all cases, it can be highly beneficial in instances where there is a significant discrepancy of 10,000 clicks or more.

We have observed that various systems offer the ability to go one step further and match the IP address associated with a click to the user ID, allowing us to locate their CV or profile and ensure the validity of the traffic.

With regards to the IP address, some client may not be able to send the full address due to data protection laws, resulting in partial masking of the information by your system. However, it should be feasible to compare the data with information in click logs, which contain timestamps as well.

In the past, we had encountered an issue with one of our French clients, but were able to identify the problem in their system using logs of this nature.

There is a great deal that I could write about how utilizing a customized analysis system can lead to successful problem-solving. I am not only referring to our own system but also those of other partners who have implemented custom solutions.

I believe that owning your own analytic process can lead to a better, more pleasant working atmosphere and improve your approach and workflow. By eliminating tedious tasks, individuals will have the opportunity to be more creative and remain with your business for longer periods.

Many enterprises already possess everything necessary to become a top-tier service, but I see an opportunity to take things to the next level. After all, measuring is knowing. Enterprises will have the capability to build higher-converting pages, assess their site's performance, and promptly notify the appropriate individuals. This system will impact all aspects of their business, enhancing profitability and overall quality.

We have extensive experience with a variety of systems and are confident that we can assist you if you so desire. While we can function in the current environment with longstanding tools, I believe that implementing a customized system will truly enhance your business performance.

Currently, we are receiving very limited reports on our clicks per month.

We send traffic to UTM tags and what I see in the reports is very different from our numbers.

The decision to continue using the limited Adobe or Google tools is ultimately yours. However, you would like to be able to access the different statuses of each site and have the ability to export data marked as invalid, expired, duplicate, etc. This would allow you to compare them for reconciliation purposes.

This post covered a variety of topics related to the challenges of validating website traffic and the development of custom analytics systems. I have highlighted the importance of having accurate data for optimizing business performance, particularly in the HR industry.

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