Cookbook Openai 

OpenAI has developed a fascinating cookbook for all their prompts and queries, offering a plethora of intriguing combinations. For instance, you can use their API to search for news, make requests, and essentially, the AI itself generates requests and regenerates content first by establishing relationships between specific keywords, and then by scouring news sources to produce targeted articles.


For example

The 'functions' parameter is an optional feature in the Chat Completion API, allowing you to define function specifications. Its purpose is to empower models to generate function arguments that align with the provided specifications. It's important to note that the API itself does not execute any function calls; it's the responsibility of developers to execute function calls using the model outputs.

Fascinating possibilities lie in integrating ChatGPT into your applications, exploring unique ways to do so, such as embedding it without direct API usage, rather than integrating it into Spaces or other frameworks.