Review and Bug Fixing for Mobile Application

Review 27 okt 2023
Logic Issue with the Filter

When I choose the Mercedes brand...

Seven cars are selected. After that, I choose a model.

2 cars selected

When I deselect Mercedes, the model doesn't reset and remains selected.

When I choose BMW, for instance, the filter becomes empty. So, having selected BMW with Model 200 ( Mercedes ) , the list shows nothing.

Reference to sub collection in search Algoia fixed?

Button Back Bigger in size.

Memory issue

Infinite recursion is the normal reason for running out of stack. 

I've just created a new checkout in the file system, and everything is set up with an installed Flutter upgrade. So, it's unlikely to be something dependent on my machine, especially since everything works fine in the simulator. However, when I start using search, filtering, or simply scrolling on a real device, that's when the issue occurs. 

 Crashes often occur when I start searching and set the focus on the text to type something and begin the search. Or when I press this icon to open the filter menu, it's at that moment that crashes happen very frequently.