Firebase Crashlytics in FlutterFlow

 Gain valuable and actionable insights into application issues with this robust crash reporting solution designed for Apple, Android, Flutter, and Unity platforms. Firebase Crashlytics is a lightweight, real-time crash reporting tool that empowers you to monitor, prioritize, and resolve stability problems that can degrade the quality of your app. It streamlines your troubleshooting process by intelligently grouping crashes and highlighting the conditions leading to them.

Identify whether a specific crash is affecting a significant number of users. Receive alerts when an issue suddenly becomes more severe. Pinpoint the lines of code responsible for crashes.

In the context of FlutterFlow, Firebase Crashlytics is a powerful crash reporting tool that aids in error detection and resolution. It logs essential details, including the precise line number that triggered the error, device information, operating system version, and the time of the crash.

To activate Firebase Crashlytics, follow these steps: Navigate to Settings and Integrations > Integrations > Firebase Crashlytics, and enable Firebase Crashlytics.