Firebase IPhone Push Notifications with FlutterFlow / Flutter

A major drawback in the previous version was the lack of notifications on iOS. In fact, we added them incorrectly and noticed that they did not work on Apple ( iphone ) devices. Then,

Official documentation with installation procedure.

It seems that this time I did everything correctly and followed the procedure, identifying 100 errors that were definitely hindering proper functioning, but it still didn’t work.

How can I fix this? Creating icons and compiling a test release so that we can install and run a new version.

I've already tried but it didn't work, so I need to publish it through a test and then try again.

Probleem is probably an bundle ID and other identification etc.. files..


Be aware that push notifications have limitations under certain conditions:

- They are not functional on an iOS simulator. Testing requires the use of an actual device.

- Users who have logged out of your app will not receive push notifications. To target users not currently logged in, you might want to integrate anonymous Firebase authentication in your app.

- If the app is actively open on your device, push notifications won't operate.

I see that it's necessary to compile these identifiers separately for the Apple operating system, and it's equally important to have a corresponding application at the Firebase project level for this package ( Builder ID). Therefore, I am now going to add a new application with a new build identifier number that was used, and an identification name that was used in Apple for registration and to push the version. I will create this application now and try testing it on a device that's already set up.


IOS AutoVBE Notification

You can find your App Store ID in your app's URL. In the example below, 123456789 is the App Store ID.

Apple Notification Key Details



Google info file replace and rebuild packages for test and publication

Check archive and upload it to test on Device


Negative opinion about my experience with the Apple Store

I've done so much, changed, regenerated, generated keys, copied, and all such things that you usually don't do for a normal application. But for some reason, Apple required us to run through this roach race, a rat race through the labyrinths of their terrible interfaces. Compared to Google's Android, I don't even want to deal with iPhone because when you publish on it, it feels like digging through a trash bin on their site and nothing works no matter how you twist and turn it. In the end, you find yourself spending two to three days on some nonsense that could have been done much more easily.

They might continue to be in the market for a long time with their stinking dictatorship of crappy decisions. But sooner or later, they will inevitably lose. It's immediately apparent that what they are doing is simply a dark forest, and such mess I've never seen anywhere else.

I can't predict exactly when they'll fail with their App Store, but it's primarily because they really ignore their users. The most important users, the ones who publish there, their needs and tasks are completely disregarded, wasting developers' time on all sorts of nonsense that they stuff both developers and their users with. When you use their device, you need a thousand confirmations, and a myriad of prompts appear on the screen that you have to accept for something to work or not. It's just a quiet horror what Apple has become with these interfaces and all this cheap junk.

In my opinion, and comparing how it happens now, the process and work involved in publishing an application is night and day. This is the second time this year I've needed to publish a new version. When comparing the publication process in the Play Store to the App Store, it's just heaven . Apple absolutely no chance; they simply must disappear soon, in my opinion. The difference is colossal between the two giants, but one, Apple, is clearly heading in the wrong direction. What they have created there and what you need to do as a developer to publish an application, the length of time they take to accept it, and how it all happens, it's simply not sustainable. I'm beside myself that it took me about two days to fix all these minor issues with the certificates and who knows how long it will be in review. 

At first, I thought it was just because it was my first time, or maybe you publish an app once every few years, so it seems problematic. You just need to follow the procedure. I created a procedural file for the second time, six months later, and couldn't use much from it due to new errors and issues. I think the third time will bring something similar. I'll be publishing more frequently now, and we'll see whether my opinion changes or not. But at this moment, my view is very negative. Especially compared to registration, it's a nightmare. I think Play Market's registration will also change because it's just perfect and very fast. Apple, on the other hand, should change its harsh registration process sooner. It's a nightmare to go through. I spent a lot of time dealing with various organizations that kept screening me and other issues. It's just a nightmare.