Release the New Jobs app on the Apple App Store.

When you first start publishing, you usually encounter issues with the build system because most certificates are outdated, and the system also needs to be updated. Often, builds fail due to various reasons. Therefore, clean your folder and fix all issues. Sometimes, you might even need to upgrade Xcode and even your operating system because Xcode is highly dependent on it.

To create icons and manage all app assets, a catalog creator tool is helpful. You create one with the right size, and it will generate the correct dimensions for you. It works great and saves a lot of time.

To create screenshots, you can use an emulator. Start up the correct version, save the images separately, then use Photoshop to remove the debug label from the images, and you're done

Screenshots and sizes

The term "6.7 display" likely refers to the screen size of some iPhone models that have a 6.7-inch display. This size is typical of the larger iPhone Pro Max models starting from the iPhone 12 Pro Max and including newer versions like the iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 14 Pro Max, and possibly others in future iterations. In the context of the App Store, there isn't a specific section or category for apps that are exclusively designed for iPhones with a 6.7-inch display. However, developers can optimize their apps to take advantage of the larger screen size and higher resolution of these models to enhance user experience.

Apps available in the App Store typically support a range of iPhone models and screen sizes. The design and layout of an app can adapt to different screen dimensions through responsive design techniques that Apple encourages developers to use. This ensures that the app looks good and functions well regardless of the specific iPhone model.

The "5.5 display" typically refers to the screen size of certain iPhone models that have a 5.5-inch display. This size was featured in several older iPhone Plus models, including the iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7 Plus, and iPhone 8 Plus. These models are larger than the standard versions and were popular for offering more screen space, which was ideal for viewing multimedia content, playing games, and reading.

In terms of app development and the App Store, apps are designed to be compatible across various screen sizes using Apple's adaptive layout guidelines. This ensures that apps look good and function properly on all devices, regardless of their screen size.



Undefined symbol: _OBJC_CLASS_$__TtC16url_launcher_ios17URLLauncherPlugin

Solution: clean build folder and rebuild dan run right emulator.


Signing for "Runner" requires a development team.

Solution: Select a development team in the Signing & Capabilities editor. ( Team select box )


Unable to process request - PLA Update available

You currently don't have access to this membership resource. To resolve this issue, agree to the latest Program License Agreement in your developer account.

Solution: Login in apple developer account and accept all docs that asked in agreement.