Google Ads and YouTube: Navigating the Updated User Interfaces


The user interface of Google Ads is constantly evolving. These continuous changes and updates can often cause issues for users, making it challenging to find the right options and settings, especially if one is accustomed to an older version of the interface.

Due to the frequent changes in the user interface, it is crucial to regularly take screenshots when you finally find the correct options. This practice not only provides a reference for future campaigns but also helps document the process and prevent potential errors.

Here are several reasons why taking screenshots can be beneficial:

  1. Reference Point: Screenshots serve as visual guides, allowing you to quickly look back and see which settings you have used. This is particularly helpful if you want to reuse the same settings in future campaigns.

  2. Troubleshooting: If you encounter problems, screenshots can help clarify where the issue lies. They can also be useful when communicating with Google Ads support.

  3. Training and Education: For teams working together on campaigns, screenshots can be used as training material. New team members can learn from previous campaigns and better understand how to navigate the interface.

  4. Consistency: Screenshots ensure consistency in campaigns, especially if you manage multiple campaigns and want to apply the same strategies and settings.

Although taking screenshots is a good solution, it remains a challenge to find the right options in a constantly changing interface. This requires patience and staying regularly updated with the latest changes and updates from Google Ads.

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